Thursday, May 1, 2008

My View on Health-Care Reform

I don't define myself as either a Democrat or a Republican. I think defining oneself leaves little to no room for change or growth. Also, I am always open to taking into consideration the views and opinions of both sides. Whether or not I subscribe to these views or opinions is a different matter, but I'm always willing to listen and deliberate thoroughly.

I personally do not have health insurance. I am not one of the privileged that can afford health insurance. In this country, you have to be privileged to have quality health-care, which actually should be a human right. But, it isn't. Not in this country. Health-care is a human right everywhere else. But, not here.

Here health-care is governed by insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and is based on profit-making. In order to change that, we would have to take away profit as a motive, place regulations on the pharmaceutical companies, increase taxes, and require the majority of employers to offer insurance to workers or face tax penalties. Sounds easy enough, right? Not when you have presidential candidates that claim to want to completely overhaul the health-care industry, but who are also unwilling to cease from accepting funds from insurance and pharmaceutical companies, the same companies that aid in making health-care the way it is today.

What would happen if I were to get sick while I don't have health insurance? What would happen if I were to die? It can happen. It wouldn't take much, really. We're not designed to last forever, and anything can go awry at any given time. But what would happen to my children? Who would fight for their rights and protect them? Their father?! From previous/current experiences, that is a very scary thought, and the mere idea of it depresses me severely.

Contrary to some beliefs, the less privileged of the human race should not just die. This isn't a third world country nor is it the wild, wild west. The is America, for Godsake. The majority of us have a right to live, no matter how under-privileged. And we should also have a right to go to the doctor if we need to. Also, people deserve and need the compassion of others, just as they need our compassion in return. It's part of human nature. People's lives are at stake here. Valuable lives. Lives that can make a difference in the lives of others. But maybe death would be a more desirable option than continuing to live in this greedy and narcissistic era.

I'm sick and tired of hearing people who have health insurance gripe about universal health-care and how their taxes will be raised and how it might come out of their precious fucking pocketbooks. I, for one, would be first in line for a tax increase if it meant that I and millions of others could go to the doctor if need be. How would they feel if it was their family? Or their children? I guess the fact of the matter is that it isn't their family or their children, so why should they have to worry.

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